Training and services

With our long-term presence in the chemical cleaning industry, we have adopted and appied an ideal way of thinking and functioning and we feel that it is our obligation to forward this to all our partners.
Royal Cleaning BG Ltd.’s seminars on safe use of detergents and on applied Chemistry, which hides behind of every simple cleaning product, help our clients to understand in depth the meaning of cleaning and disinfection and apply them properly.

The “in-place” presentation of our products to your facilities, allows you to understand their proper use, while the specialized personnel of our company study carefully the needs of your enterprise in order to suggest the most suitable products, avoiding numerous useless product codes.

The cleaning programs cover all sectors of a business and are in accordance with the HACCP system and the current local and European legislation. The combination of qualified and certified products and excellent applied methods, ensure the cleanliness and the hygiene in every enterprise.
Moreover, the specialized chemists of Royal Cleaning BG Ltd. verify hygiene controls to our clients granting security and safety for the high levels of cleanliness that your company needs.