Social & Environmental Care

κοινωνική εταιρική ευθύνη

Our vision at Royal cleaning BG Ltd. is our sustainable development along with human value. The fact that Royal cleaning BG Ltd.  is a family owned business follows the principles of human safety and environmental protection. We want to be ready for the future and be proud of our activities. For us, innovation means improvements of products' performance along with attitude improvements towards the environment.

We are flexible so as to meet the changes that take place around us, having as a priority the human force. We encourage initiatives, promote new ideas and contribute to their worries.

Moreover, all the raw materials used for manufacturing our products are biodegradable and meet the European regulations for environmentally friendly products.

Following all these principles,  Royal cleaning BG Ltd.  implements the standards of the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 systems by which all operations are certified. All our products are approved by the General Chemical State laboratory or by the N.R.C.P. The cleaning programs created by our company are in accordance with hygiene instructions of the Hellenic Food Authority and meet the standards of HACCP. 

All our products meet the standards of the new regulation REACH 1907/2006. The main goal of this new regulation by the European Nation for chemicals, of which the initials mean Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals, is to secure high standards of protecting humanity and the environment, combined with healthy competition and innovation. 

As for Responsible Care,  Royal cleaning BG Ltd.  upholding the environment, has entered the Prisme(Responsible Care) program, which supports companies to apply the Responsible Care program with the most effective way. The program was founded in November 2008 aiming in universal commitment for improving environmental administration, health, security, with the participation of the human work force.

Our continuous contact with suppliers and distributors for secure transportation and application of the products is our fundamental goal.