Who we are and what we do

Royalcleaning Ltd. is a bulgarian leading company with a strong presence to the Balkan and European markets, focusing on developing, producing and providing products, along with cleaning and sanitising systems for food & beverage industries, institutional areas and water pool cleaning process.

Royalcleaning Ltd. is committed to offer customers a full range of hygiene programs for plants and machinery. More specifically, we provide cleaning and sanitizing products of high technology, full range of hygiene systems, machines and cleaning systems, technical support team, immediate response to your problems, distributors and employee training seminars.

Royalcleaning Ltd. having as fundamental goal customers’ service is a leading company in:

Quality and credibility

ECOCHEMICAL implements the standards of the ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 system by which all operations are certified. All our products are approved by the General Chemical State laboratory or by the N.R.C.P and meet the standards of the new regulation REACH 1907/2006. The cleaning programs created by our company are in accordance with hygiene instructions of Hellenic Food Authority and meet the standards of HACCP. Our well skilled employees use applied chemistry, solving all customers’ problems by suggesting products and hygiene systems.

Scientific reserch and development

The detection of customers’ unique needs, lead us to releasing new products. Research and development of these products is elaborated by our R & D department, using, scientific and technologically updated laboratory. We exclusively collaborate with the best international companies in the field of Research and Development for machines and technology.

Investments in buildings and technology

Royalcleaning Ltd.  made recent investments in:

  • Up-to-date and fully equipped research and development department.
  • Well organized production unit.
  • Sufficient warehouse for all products.
  • Privately owned transportation vehicles.
  • Modern and comfortable offices

Environmental protection

All the raw materials used in manufacturing our products are biodegradable and meet the European regulations for environmentally friendly products.

Customer orientation

Our customer-focused philosophy underlines our historical progress and commercial expansion which customers appreciate and trust. Our technical support accompanies products to the customer, establishing a two-way communication that allows customers to be informed about all products and services. In addition, the team spirit that our employees have adopted leads to a pleasant working environment and to satisfied business relationships.

We offer educational seminars by our scientific and well skilled employees to each customer in order to identify needs and find solutions offered by Royalcleaning Ltd.

Customers’ service is obtained by immediate response in fulfilling their needs, solving technical problems, employees training, immediate products delivery and evaluation questionnaires.

We make our decisions based on future development. We succeed that with:

  • good economical rates
  • innovation, product quality, environmental protection
  • human working force growth
  • optimization and not maximization of profits

Our goal is to offer our customers products and services which totally secure the hygiene in their facilities along with environmental protection.