The hands’ hygiene of every employee is a very important factor in the overall sanitation in a plant.

Therefore, every company should focus on that.
The hand washing procedure includes washing with cream soap, rinsing with water, drying and disinfection.

INDUSTRIALNA HIMIA LTD. has developed a range of products that covers all needs for hands hygiene:

  1. Use of hand soap for the regular hand washing.
  2. Use of  hand soap with disinfectant power that contains diglygonate chlorexidine.
  3. Use of the hand disinfectant - an alcoholic solution that is approved by the National Drug Organization.

Moreover, for the complete personal hygiene of every employee,  Royal Cleaning  BG Ltd.  offers a great range of products that are described flowingly:


Shoes washing


Hygiene mats at the entrances


Personnel clothing


Washing machines




Disinfection of clothing



Royal Cleaning BG  Ltd. contributes to the cleaning and disinfection of every plant with a variety of foaming and hygiene machinery for personnel.